Managing proofs and approvals via email is a recipe for confusion – brands need to be systematic in the processes for their marketing assets. In the first half of 2020, on average Widen customers received two new creative project requests per week. But there is a better way. Then, after a few calls and emails, your sales team fills your upcoming book. Production teams provide results-driven advertising, and businesses reap the benefits. Freelancers give teams access to top creative talent at a fraction of the cost of recruiting, hiring and onboarding a new team member. However, the lockdown has already provided impetus for many companies to redesign their IT landscape in an attempt to persuade consumers to part with their cash. Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Policy. As a result, businesses have pivoted their offerings quickly. Research from McKinsey found that since Covid-19, there’s been a 15% to 30% increase in consumers who make purchases online. Here’s a real world example of why creative asset management matters. Brands that profess to support racial justice on social media without a single black board member aren’t helping the cause, they’re just being hypocrites. Explore the journey of ad creative, from the moment a master file is ready to when all assets are prepared and formatted for a campaign launch. Let’s say your ad sales team is working hard to fill your next issue. To illustrate the effect of disorganized creative assets on your overall efficiency, it’s important to consider just how often situations like these affect your team’s workflow. The rise of buy now, pay later and sorting out the ‘messy middle’: Your Marketing Week, Coca-Cola, tech giants, Christmas ad spend: 5 things that mattered this week and why, How Tesco used social media to drive emotional resonance, NatWest’s new CMO on purpose, leadership and making banking more human. You will only receive new articles we publish, normally 1 or 2 a week. You will only receive. Photographers, creative … All rights reserved. Take a Ride on the Creative (Workflow) Side . And because access is completely centralized within a system protected by encryption, watermarks and permission setting — there is no need to worry about security. No spam, we promise! Proxies are faithful but lower resolution versions of your high-quality master files which can be edited remotely because they are as little as 2% the size of the original master files. No spam, we promise! Jake Athey is VP of marketing and customer experience at Widen. This kind of very specific software might also get called Production Asset Management (PAM) or perhaps referred to simply as Digital Asset Management (DAM). Every scramble for logos and other design collateral can result in: In contrast, imagine having the ability to store creative assets by advertiser right within your CRM software. Video is an efficient way to tell and consume stories, convey complex data and engage audiences who have more demand on their time and attention than ever. And guess what? Combining both archive and production tools brings a more dynamic and streamlined interface to asset management. The follow-up required a different strategy. If you want to keep up with rising demand for content creation, getting creative with how you manage and maintain your assets is critical. This means that, even if you aren’t creating video content right now, it’s likely in your best interests to invest in asset management tools built for video. Proxies open up a wealth of opportunities for bringing in freelancers. Political Ads are Huge Revenue Drivers for Creators and Broadcasters Alike, Adobe MAX: Remote Editing & Collaboration is Table Stakes for Video Production, Intelligent storage management in a MAM is the key to content ROI. 1 in 10 hours a creative spends at work is wasted trawling through their archives for the assets they need.

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