During the briefing scene, there is a picture of. Dust to Dust. Home > Games > Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Mission 16 - Dust to Dust Get out of the truck and kill all the enemies. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Place The credits then immediately roll. The TV news shows the United States and Russia have finally negotiated peace at the White House, which is still under repairs from the invasion months earlier. When wearing the Juggernaut armor, your character cannot go prone. Game During this time, it's a large juicy target. Eventually they arrive at the entrance to the hotel, walk up an inactive escalator, and enter an elevator. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough Mission 16 - Dust to Dust. Price manages to grab the gun, but Makarov stamps on Price's hand, making Price release the gun, and takes the pistol, saying “Goodbye, Captain Price.”, but before he can kill Price, Yuri arrives, just in time, and shoots Makarov with his USP .45, wounding him further. The intelligence is on top of the bar. At the first glance, they appear to be giberish, consisting of final letters only. With the casino area clear, you can sprint across the pedestrian bridge to the lounge and bar area without much difficulty. Price and Yuri, with support from Nikolai, move in to assassinate Makarov in the Hotel Oasis in Dubai. The mission begins with Price and Yuri wearing Juggernaut Suits inside a van while Nikolai taps into the security feed of the hotel. When you get your weapons back, reload them, as there is a checkpoint for this next (tedious) part of the level. 21st January 2017 - 22:14:50 However, this has no effect on the helicopter's movement. 45: After exiting the elevator, a room with a poker table with the intelligence on it can be found to the left. Afterward, the button inputs will be: We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The player starts out in Juggernaut armor, and takes the role of John Price, attempting to kill Makarov for what he has done. 44: After going up the escalator, make a U-turn and look for a bar. Just as it starts leaving the roof, Price jumps onto the helicopter, grabs the pilot by the leg, and tosses him out of the helicopter. The elevator then begins to fall and the pair must then jump to another lift which Nikolai hacked. — Level description. Jump from your damaged lift to the other lift. Price lights a cigar, watches Makarov's hanging corpse, whilst sirens are heard in the background, smokes the cigar, and blows out a plume of smoke. Price was originally silent in this mission, with. Price lights a cigar and watches Makarov's hanging corpse while police sirens are heard in the background. He notices Makarov, wounded, climbing out of the helicopter, and the two begin a slow crawl for a Desert Eagle. The player starts out in Juggernaut armor, and takes the role of John Price, attempting to kill Makarov for what he has done. Shoot the trucks to kill multiple enemies. Your grenades (hand thrown and rifle launched) come in handy to devastate enemies hiding near the columns. Just as it starts leaving the roof, Price jumps onto the helicopter, grabs the pilot by the leg, and tosses him out of the helicopter. Price proceeds to take out a knife and thrust it into the co-pilot's throat, and throws him into the air as well. Attack enemies and move slowly. The Juggernaut suit will only suppress bullet and grenade damage; the player will receive normal damage from melee attacks. If you are out of ammunition and reloading your LMG, stop first, and reload. War comes home in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the explosive third chapter of the blockbuster first-person action series set in near-future combat scenarios. Hotel Oasis, Dubai, Dubai Emirate, United Arab Emirates When the enemy helicoptors appear, go and track (but don't fire on, unless you can score a few hits here and there) the enemy chopper that switches on its searchlight until it stops above the lift -- it needs time to adjust its flightpath to come back down. Price and Yuri destroy the helicopter, but it spins out of control, crashing into the elevator the two are in, destroying their Juggernaut Suits in the process.

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