We are proud to of been part of their success as they move on to their next challenges. Valencia College Summary of Athletics is Unavailable. International Soccer Club - CF Cracks. Their private football academy for international players, in partnership with IFX, enables development with Spanish soccer players and top quality soccer training at state of the art facilities. While CF Cracks is not a professional club, their youth teams compete normally at the highest regional level called Preferente, and have successfully developed many youth Spanish footballers over the years and contributed to them reaching professional soccer in Spain. Placement in a private high school, or a private language school including tuition, Post-program support for college recruitment process including letters of recommendation, Assistance with student visa application process, Passport and visa application fees as applicable, Personal expenses (e.g., toiletries, clothing, internet, calling card, activities), School expenses (e.g., uniform/lunches, if required, supplies, books, bus/train pass). Once coaches have analyzed the potential of each player, the football academy offers selected candidates a quote that varies according to how much time they decide to spend at the academy, 5 or 10 months. Airport transfers on arrival and departure. The academy is highly respected throughout Europe and each summer and winter it hosts a number of European clubs who want to use its facilities. The Valencia Football Academy attaches great importance to the part that academic study plays in the programme and is committed to helping every student in their education. The SAT is an entrance exam accepted by all the universities in the United States. 3 meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with a sports diet inside the academy residence. The Valencia academy has an agreement with the British School to organise a schedule which fits around the coaching and offers complete flexibility to adapt to each student’s requirements. Dining room with capacity for 30 players. The fee to take the exam is between 50 and 80 Euros and successful students are awarded a Diploma. Cracks Academy residence. There are two ways to try out for the academy’s full year program in-person: Option 1: Participate in one of the camps that the academy organizes during the summer. NOTE: The IFX Valencia International Soccer Academy program in Spain has limited capacity, so students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the application deadlines. PRICES from… Players will be coached by Brighton & Hove Albion…. uniform/lunches, if required, supplies, books, bus/train pass). Playing alongside talented Valencia soccer players from the region enables Valencia football academy players to experience a fast paced and authentic Spanish football style of play. My coach suggested the possibility, and I didn't think twice. Soccer league fees and club gear (shoes not included). Visa support letters forbidden upon request. We’re looking forward to jumpstarting your career and giving you an enlightening international experience. Therefore, the most recommendable option is to attend a trial in person so that the academy can analyze your child’s skills and inform you about the best options for them taking into account their skills and future possibilities. Competitions and tournaments are regular events at the academy and students will play 1 or 2 matches every two weeks and will also be able to play with other teams to have the chance to experience other challenges that will help them improve their skills further. Technical morning training sessions with C.F. Participation in all soccer club tournaments, league matches, training sessions, etc, upon approval of registration by National and Regional Federations subject to FIFA transfer restrictions. Nestled on the Mediterranean coast in Valencia, Spain, the IFX Valencia International Soccer Academy uniquely combines soccer development with various academic tracks including high school or Spanish language study. Please follow the following application procedure: 1) Submit an online application form and required program deposit Click here, 2) Download the program application form (DOWNLOAD APPLICATION) and email your completed application form to: [email protected]. For those players who can’t make it to Valencia for a trial in person, the academy accepts videos demonstrating the players’ performance during match play in addition to recommendation letters from their coaches. The experience is unique at this academy. Coaches of the calibre of José Mourinho, RuiFaria and André Villas-Boas have all been inspired by the work of Frade. LATE APPLICATIONS CONSIDERED ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS, *All dates are approximations and vary from year to year. Accommodation in double rooms in the C.F. The trainings are very intense, always with the ball, and the coaches spend many hours working on improving the weaknesses of each player. The coaching staff at the proficiency academy plan the whole programme based on the methodological principles of tactical periodization, a philosophy created by professor Vitor Frade, a retired professor from the Universidad de Oporto and current Director of Methodology at FC Porto. Morning sessions have more emphasis on small group and individual soccer training drills versus evening sessions with their Cracks Valencia soccer team, which is a more team and tactical training experience. It is with this in mind that the Valencia Academy bases its work, in that the coaching seeks to help participants become complete players, with individual and team skills. Thanks to collaboration between the academy and FC Porto, the academy participants can benefit from some sessions with official trainers from that club, as well as being able to train with the academy’s partner team at FC Porto and have the opportunity to be seen by scouts. Find out more on how to get an American soccer…, The optimal combination of football and school is the core motto of the IFX German Football Academy, nestled in the heart of Germany. Live, train, and receive a prestigious education at the high performance football academy in Valencia. The coaches at the Valencia proficiency academy are themselves trained at FC Porto. Once you have filled out the form above, click orange button to send it to us. Contact the Office of Organizational Development and Human Resources for information. The football academy in Valencia is open to getting to know all the young players who would like to attend a full-year program. Train and play alongside talented Italian Soccer Players in an authentic Italian…, Samba, Carnaval, Beaches, Futebol!…Come experience life in Brazil while playing with a Brazilian soccer club! Coaches using this methodology divide the game into different phases of organisation – attack, defence and transitions. Program options include academic year or a semester programs, as well as short-term options where players live in the football academy residential facility, attend a local public or private high school, and compete with youth soccer clubs like CF Cracks Valencia soccer team and football academy. The academy splits its annual programme into three aspects: * This academy offers programmes for both outfield players and goalkeepers. This also gives the coaches a chance to evaluate the players’ skills. Cracks youth teams weeknights 4-5 times per week. Download our PDF with more information about the academy: sports programme, educational courses, prices, dates etc. Boston, MA 02114, USA, La Defense, Esplanade, 16 Place de l'Iris Tour CB21. The experience lived at this residential soccer boarding academy is paramount to what a professional youth soccer player might experience in terms of quantity of training sessions and standard of its football facilities. Visit ESPN to view Valencia squad and player information from all competitions, along with a season-by-season archive. Enrolling in a full-year course in a football academy is a great investment in your child’s future. https://s3.amazonaws.com/file.imleagues/Images/Sports/DefaultLogo/soccer_1_128.png See below for more information about the sports programmes available: To come here has been one of the best decisions of my life. Hopeful candidates who choose this option may make a direct payment for the course. The other guys are already like my brothers, and I have learned a lot with them. Established in 1985, the CF Cracks Valencia soccer club is home to approximately 450 players, between the ages of 4 and 18, comprising more than twenty teams competing against other Valencia Youth Soccer Clubs at all levels of youth football. For more information about prices and dates, fill out the enrollment form below or download a PDF with more information about this academy. 4, #113 Pleasanton, CA 94523 – USA Tel: +1 510 599 4625 Fax: +1 925 461 1832 Email: [email protected]. Gouveia is a great role model for the students at the academy and is coach to the academy’s team FC DragonForce. It is a good option for a student who wants to go on to combine studying with sport in North America. Participation in all soccer club tournaments, league matches, upon approval of registration by National and Regional Federations subject to FIFA transfer restrictions. Round-trip airfare from a major international airport (domestic and international flights). Thanks to this program, players have the opportunity to get to know the academy’s facilities and coaches and participate in training sessions. School uniform and books not included in price. C.I.AN-296949-2, High performance football academy in Valencia, High performance football academy in Barcelona, FC Barcelona High Performance Football Academy in the USA, I want to be in contact with other parents from my country who choose this camp, High performance football academy - Barcelona, High performance football academy - Valencia. For more information on, please contact us by email or call +1 (510) 599-4625. The IFX German Football Academy…. Training with C.F. *Enrollment in private high school, El Prat, includes tuition, transportation to/from school and school insurance. The football academy in Valencia is one of the most interesting football academies in Spain and one which uses a very specific training methodology. The academy also collaborates with FC Porto in the training of the coaches who work at the academy. This is included in the cost of the annual programme, along with the English course. Ideal for players who want to spend a full academic year at the academy. Thus the centre offers a number of education options, which can fit around the football coaching sessions. Cracks Academy players 3 times per week. Play for a German football/soccer club while studying at…, For the first time in several years, IFX is offering soccer scholarships to qualified footballers for the Pro Year Germany Spring programs in Nürnberg this 2021. Cracks Academy residence, 3 meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with a sports diet, Chilling Lounge to relax with a TV for movies (PS4 as well), Full access to gym with weights and fitness equipment, Daily physiotherapist service for all players, Technical morning training sessions with C.F. We use cookies to enhance your experience. The academy also provides a university search and selection option which can be adapted to the needs of the particular student. Cracks youth teams weeknights 4-5 times per week. 28001 Madrid, Spain, Paseo de Gracia, 54. Ongoing support of soccer program aspect. CF Cracks also fields a men’s amateur team for players over 19 years old, and competes normally in the top Valencian Amateur division called Primera Regional. International Futbol X-Change, LLC 4847 Hopyard Rd., Ste. However, the football academy in Valencia is a high performance academy, and players must first be evaluated before they can be accepted into this prestigious program. competitions in Valencia and in which some of the academy students can play.

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