Or just plug in your headphones—with its built-in headphone amp, Iconoclast can handle that too.

In general, don't try to match small ripples in the IR's response and ignore narrow notches. Adjust the High-Pass Filter Frequency to match the "knee" of the curve (where it starts to drop off). If this still does not work, re-install the USB driver as follows (Windows only): © 2020 Neunaber Technology LLC.

By default, the Low knob approximates a single-12" open-back cabinet when the knob is turned fully counter-clockwise and a 4-12" closed-back cabinet when the knob is turned fully clockwise.

In OS X, double-click on the downloaded .dmg file and then on Expanse. The software also adds a mono-compatible stereo enhancer for your listening pleasure. If you forget to do this, you will be prompted to save any changed settings to the Iconoclast hardware when closing the software. If "HID-compliant device" does not appear in the list, uncheck "Show compatible hardware" and select "(Standard system devices)". Visualization is extremely helpful for seeing exactly how each control affects the response. Attack Time is the length of time for the gate to open.

Many IRs are captured while driving the loudspeaker with a high-damping factor amplifier. Unplug everything from your pedal, including the signal inputs and outputs.

Learn More, Watch this listing to get price drop alerts. Please temporarily disable your anti-virus software while downloading and installing Iconoclast Software. Right-click on this new device, click "Update Driver Software..." > "Browse my computer..." > "Let me pick". In Windows, you will see the "Installing..." bubble in the Taskbar; please wait until the driver completes installation before launching the software. Plug your pedal into USB. Adjust the Low Shelf Frequency and Slope to match. This section consists of additional controls that affect the signal output. There is no limit to the number of files you may store. Log out and log back in as Administrator or as a user with administrator rights. Please check the fields highlighted in red. The Power Compression controls allow you to adjust both the sensitivity to (or amount of) and response time of power compression. Intuitive controls make it easy to dial in a wide range of tones on-the-fly, whether or not you know anything about how different speaker cabs sound. You only need to wait for the driver to install the first time you connect Iconoclast. Selecting File > Open Settings File... allows you to load the settings from a previously-saved file. The Iconoclast’s headphone and gate features make this easy and silent!

When the Iconoclast hardware is connected, the software loads a preview of its current firmware and last settings.

You should see a new "HID-compliant device" appear in this list.

For our safety, allow a few extra days for shipping.

... Or just plug in your headphones—with its built-in headphone amp, Iconoclast can handle that too. It is possible to overdrive the headphone amplifier with a high signal level when this control is set greater than 0 dB and the Headphone Level knob is greater than about 75% of maximum. At only 4.6” × 2.8” (116 mm × 68 mm), Iconoclast can fit almost anywhere and is powered by your existing 9V or 12V pedal board power supply (not included).

Low adjusts the virtual cabinet type and size Mid captures the speaker’s dynamic interaction with the amplifier High shifts the frequency cut off, reproducing a wide range of speaker types Iconoclast dynamically shapes your tone as a speaker cabinet would yet outputs directly to headphones… The Stereo Enhancer will create a pseudo-stereo signal from a mono input. ', select Discard, in which case Iconoclast will immediately revert to your previously saved image, or, select Close, in which case the current state is maintained until power is cycled, after which Iconoclast will revert to your previously saved image, only the high-pass filter frequency—in this case, the low shelf gain can be set to a fixed value, only the low shelf gain—in this case, the high-pass filter frequency can be set to a fixed value.

Enable/Bypass implements a digital bypass of all processing except gain and polarity (below). The Mid knob is essentially a damping factor control and therefore acts like a broad midrange cut when turned counter-clockwise. I also use this connected from the Line Out from my Carr Mercury V amp so I can use the amp tone as well. This should be relatively short but not short enough to cause a 'pop' when the gate opens.

Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: In Windows, double-click the downloaded installer and follow the prompts. Neunaber Audio Iconoclast dynamically shapes your tone as a speaker cabinet would yet outputs directly to headphones, powered speakers, a mixer or recording interface. Unplug the USB cable and cycle power on the pedal. Hey! Any changes made in the software are stored and reloaded the next time you launch the software. Turn the Mid knob to 100%. All Rights Reserved. The Master Output section consists of controls for bypass, gain, and polarity: The analog gain of the headphone outputs may be selected.

Not all features are visible in demo mode. This EQ has adjustable gain, center frequency and bandwidth (BW).

When paired with the drive pedal or preamp of your choice, Iconoclast delivers consistent amp tone at any volume—and in virtually any setting—often without needing to bring anything more than your pedal board. These settings are grouped in sub-tabs along the bottom. In this case, the clip (red) LED will not illuminate. The Low, Mid and High controls work pretty much like they appear. This EQ has adjustable gain, frequency and slope.

The Fizz Enable and Level controls allow you to dial in more "fizz"—frequencies above the filter's cutoff.

To save the preview image, select File > Save Preview Image to Iconoclast. The Mid Adjust tab displays the controls that affect the midrange frequencies. If the headphone output is used as a line (non-headphone) output, we recommend setting this control to 0 dB. Reconnect your Expanse pedal to the USB port. Hysteresis is the difference between the 'open' and 'close' thresholds and prevents the gate from 'stuttering' when the signal level is near the threshold. Select "HID-compliant device" > Next > Close.

This behavior is accomplished by controlling both the cutoff frequency of a high-pass filter and the gain of a low-shelf filter.

Select File > Open Settings File... in the menu bar to open a previously saved settings file. I wrote this review on the Neunaber web site about the Iconoclast: First of all I can say that I have two copies of the Iconoclast.

Nothing is saved to the Iconoclast hardware until, If you do not save this preview image, you will have the option to. The Carr Mercury V built-in attenuator takes care of this. ChasingGuitars - Text and Images Used by Permission Only - All Rights Reserved 2013 - 2019, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Low adjusts the virtual cabinet type and size, Mid captures the speaker’s dynamic interaction with the amplifier, High shifts the frequency cut off, reproducing a wide range of speaker types. This function is provided so that you may compare a given IR with the response produced by Iconoclast. you select File > Save Preview to Iconoclast, or, upon exiting, you select 'Yes' when asked 'Save preview to Iconoclast? Right-click on CleanPedalDriver.exe and select "Run as Administrator".

Shorter times result in a more staccato articulation between notes, whereas longer times prevent echo & reverb tails from being abruptly cut off. Iconoclast was designed to be the only thing you need after your pedal board or preamp, so we also added a studio-quality noise gate to clean up your dirty signal chain.

The Level control adjusts the amount of the effect.

The composite frequency response is shown above the setting knobs and includes any real-time changes on the Iconoclast hardware itself. Flexible ins & outs may be used mono or stereo, and the outputs can be used balanced or unbalanced. Polarity will invert the output signal, which may be useful to correct for a polarity inversion somewhere else in the signal chain. The secret pedal for getting great tone direct! Iconoclast Software works exclusively with the Iconoclast hardware platform and accesses response visualization, deep editing, additional EQ filters, stereo enhancement processing, and file storage of settings. The following versions of MacOS and Windows are supported: If the Iconoclast hardware is not connected, the software will run in demo mode.

My use for this is to be able to plug in my pedalboard and/or one of my Amp-In-A-Box pedals for silent practice or recording direct without an traditional amp. What sold me on buying this pedal was the headphone and gate features. Lowering the frequency increases the effect strength but reduces its naturalness. If the headphone output is used as a line (non-headphone… These backups may be opened using the File > Open Settings File... menu option.

Please select another product or variant. Temporarily disable any anti-virus software. Reverb Protection has you covered.

Iconoclast dynamically shapes your tone as a speaker cabinet would yet outputs directly to headphones, powered speakers, a mixer or recording interface. While the gate's threshold is adjustable on the Iconoclast itself, all other controls are only accessible via software: Visualization shows the real-time signal in relation to the effect of the noise gate and aids in dialing in these controls. For you tone nerds, however, there’s a lot more going on under the hood: Iconoclast advances the state of the art in guitar cabinet emulation. Power compression is different than normal compression: it's more like dynamic filtering when the driving amplifier has a low damping factor (as most guitar amps do).

Use a Parametric EQ to dial in any bump or dip in the middle of the IR's response.

Selecting File > Save Settings File... opens a dialog box that allows you to save all current settings to a file. It is quite common for this type of cable to go bad. The software also adds a mono-compatible stereo enhancer for your listening pleasure.

Of course if your amp has a Send out you can use this as well.

These backups can be found in your Documents folder, under Iconoclast/Backups and may be opened using the File > Open Settings File... menu option. A parametric EQ is useful for boosting or cutting the region around a frequency.

The resulting response is for comparison only and is not loaded into Iconoclast. Neunaber Audio Effects Iconoclast Speaker Emulator. Turn the High knob to most closely match the drop off point at high frequencies, then select the filter type that most closely matches the slope of drop off. Eschewing IRs (impulse responses)—which are static and cannot be adjusted in real time—Iconoclast uses proprietary filters that parameterize the speaker cabinet response, allowing you to easily and intuitively dial in the sound you’ve been looking for. Select File > Save Settings File... in the menu bar to save all of the current software settings to a file. This interaction depends largely on the damping factor of the amplifier. Remember to re-enable your anti-virus software when finished.

Attach Iconoclast with a micro-B USB cable (included).

Click for details. Iconoclast incorporates a studio-quality noise gate for cleaning up a noisy signal chain. 15. The impedance curve of most guitar speakers is (roughly speaking) a broad midrange cut; therefore, when coupled with an amplifier with low damping factor, the response will also have a broad midrange cut. If the input is already near maximum level, additional gain will only drive the output into limiting and not substantially increase the overall level. Attenuation is the amount of level reduction when the gate is closed. Adjust the Fizz Gain to match the middle of what is in the IR's response. Don't worry if the curves don't match perfectly below the knee. In addition to capturing both the reactive and resonant components of the speaker load response, Iconoclast emulates the dynamic response of a heated, hard-driven speaker.

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