Their compressive strength shall be 50,000 psi, dielectric strength 550 volts/mil and water absorption 0.10% or less. To order LineBacker® 61™ Sealing/Isolating Gaskets please indicate the following: Manufacturer’s warranty statement will be supplied upon request to Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc. Materials for flange isolation kits on pipes containing drinking/potable water (up to 280°F, 138°C) shall consist of the following components: The full faced, NSF 61 certified, isolating and sealing gasket shall be LineBacker® 61™ Sealing Gasket (LB61) – Type “E”, 1/8 inch thick, G-10 retainer containing a precision tapered groove to accommodate the controlled compression of a EPDM quad-ring sealing element. Many water systems don’t know the difference, causing them to purchase products that lack the 3rd party verification that is so helpful when questions arise. Contact us for the FDA-approved rubber gaskets … Full Face and Ring Style NSF-61 EPDM Stocked in 3”- 12″ Available up to 36″ in one solid piece – larger sizes available (4 segment/dovetailed) 1/8” thickness (see Filler Flange gaskets for additional options) Designed for use with standard flange bolts Holes can be cut to match any bolt configuration Manufactured in the USA under strict […] We are one of the few companies in our industry that works with NSF 61-rated materials. Submittals shall include copy of valid ISO registration and NSF 61 certification. Their compressive strength shall be 69,000 psi, dielectric strength 550 volts/mil and water absorption 0.04% or less. Internet Explorer does not support important features on this site, such as the product filters in the online shop which assist you in quickly finding the product you are searching for. NSF-61 is a set of regulations that covers products that come in contact with drinking water in the USA including pipes, hoses, fittings, gaskets, adhesives, coatings, lubricants, faucets, drinking fountains, filters, water meters, valves, filters, and more. Basically, if it comes in contact with potable water, NSF-61 verifies that it is safe. Specification Rubber Products is a subsidiary of AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham, AL, Copyright © 2020 SpecRubber. applications. Insufficient water treatment caused lead from old and unsafe water pipes to leach into the water delivered to local homes and businesses. The lead pipes in Flint were installed many years before water-safety regulations restricted their use, but the problems didn’t affect citizens until the water source and water treatment changes.

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