Tommy Hulihan Basketball is founded on team effort, skill development and sportsmanship: great team players make great teams! Scores 10M. So much more fun than shooting the ramp over and over! The initial values are 150M and 300M respectively, and go up by 1M and 2M respectively for each playfield switch. Original:    Score 100M and collect Extra Ball. Scores 10M and increases Bonus Multiplier. Mode now starts with text “Target Buildings For Maximum Points”. Reaching this amount is not possible during regular gameplay. When you collect ONE of the super jackpots, you move to Stage 5. Removed 1M bonus when aborting End Of Ball Bonus display. Scores 10M and advances two TOMMY letters. Scores 10M. I know I've put more games on it in the few days since I got it than I did the entire year before! All playfield switches increase the Jackpot value by 200K, and the Double Jackpot value by 400K. I know I've put more games on it in the few days since I got it than I did the entire year before! Maximum value is 60M. Scorpion Championship, Las Vegas and currently has a rating of Certain page elements may have been deliberately hidden. Original:    20 seconds. The big question now is 'what to go for?' 41. In this simple game you need to bounce the football, to collect stars. The ball save alone is worth swapping out the roms, but you've made the game 'tournament material'. If Adjustment 47 (Jackpot Criterion) is set to Extra Easy then the Blinders will not activate during Stage 2. If you make it back to Stage 3 then there will be no TOMMY letters spotted. Collecting the stars you earn money, which you will buy a new ball. After collecting a Union Jack, you must shoot one of the orbits to relight it. Hitting all six targets will score a 30M bonus and reset all the targets to 10M and flashing. Joined. ‐ Last reply today, Posted over 5 years ago Renamed to “Super Skill Shot”. This page was optimised for printing. Original:    Starts at 10M. This bonus and the multiplier are reset at the beginning of each ball. Regular Multiball is 4-Ball play; starting Multiball from the Left Scoop is only 3-Ball play. RottenDog Data East Flipper Board - Locked On Flipper. Scores 2M. Race To Wizard:  Start Pinball Wizard before ever starting a multiball. When BOTH Jackpots are completed, both are relit and Stage 2 starts. Go play the lottery if you ever collect this. The More Time target resets the timer to 20 seconds once. It seems much more a players game now because of that alone! Will not advance bonus multiplier. Original:    3-ball Multiball. All playfield switches score 300K. If there is no Union Jack running, and the scoops are not lit, then either inlane will light the scoops for about two seconds. When changing an Adjustment, the “pinball wizard” voice call will no longer get cut short. Inlane/Spinner Combo:  Shooting a Spinner after going through the Inlane on the opposite side doubles the value of that Spinner for that shot. Get 15 Pop Bumper or Slingshot hits in 25 seconds for 30M bonus. Or, sign up with: Continue with Clever. I *like* having to shoot the force and sarlacc pit and I like the steps it takes to light them. Original:    Collect either the single or double jackpot by shooting one of the ramps. Update:    Blimps score 1M, planes score 2M, small buildings score 2M, large buildings score 3M. Although the Great Depression took place more than 10 years prior to the 1950s, many kids lived in households where its memory loomed. 2019 - Coldwater, Ohio Previously these were quiet. The Silver ball is initially worth 10M, and the ramp targets score 5M. Enjoy! EXTRA EASY will spot 3 letters (0 letters after multi-ball) - This is same as game played in v.4.00. When flashing this scores 20M. ", "Purchased the Star Wars Rom and just want to thank you again. Hitting the left ramp increases the subsequent value by 2M. Resets back to 5M at start of each ball. To collect the flashing Union Jack, shoot either the Left Scoop or the Right Scoop when lit. So much more fun than shooting the ramp over and over! Original:    All scoring is doubled for next 20 seconds. Newsletter. They are spot on, IMO. 6 games in a row and I couldn't break 100 mil! Maximum value is 50M. Practice & Game Schedules. Original:    20 seconds. Original:    This is a round during which the Right Scoop, Left Scoop, and Genius lane are lit for an initial value of 25M, counting down to 10M. Grand Rapids, Mich. Downloading Game... Sign Up to Save Your High Scores! The initial values are 250M and 500M respectively, and go up by 1M and 2M respectively for each playfield switch. 2010. Game always erroneously shows “Skill Shot Grows 5,000,000”. Scores additional 10M and immediately lites Multiball Ready. After ONE of the two jackpots, an additional ball is launched into play, and you move on to Stage 3. Jackpots now rise by 500K/1M a switch, and the initial value is carried over from stage 1. Scores 10M. games. Nicely done and I tested the ball save and it works beautifully. The More Time target resets the timer to 20 seconds once. Members Only! Range is 1 to 9. 10. There are currently no ads for this game on the Marketplace. The More Time target resets the timer to 20 seconds once. Proof that it was a good balanced machine for tournament play! Update:    20 seconds. ", "I must say HOLY COW! Previously this was quiet. Scores 94M. Funnily enough my two boys of 8 and 11 prefer it now as it's such more of a challenge and makes you think more about each shot. Increases by 10M per successful skill shot. This classic rocking music themed pinball machine from 1994 now has a more amazing journey! Increases by 5M when ball is dropped into Parachute Hole during regular gameplay. Update:    25 seconds. Can build to a 5 Way Combo:  Mirror. The unique Blinders are activated more often for added challenge. Will advance bonus multiplier. Original:    You go back to stage 1 of the multiball, but the Blinder remains active. Switch to dark mode using the button in the top right (or CTRL-B)! Following are the 13 Union Jacks. 4 Engine Start Bonus:  Four consecutive shots to the Left Ramp (only available during higher Captain Walker Bomb Dropping levels where it takes four or more Left Ramp shots to start the Captain Walker Spinner/Ramp Bomb Dropping mode). Original:    Tilt can only be set to 0, 1, or 3 warnings. Collect either the single or double jackpot by shooting one of the ramps. Hit Mirror for progressive Jackpots of 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M after which the Mirror lowers, the Blinder is turned on, and Tommy hole is lit for 50M after which the sequence repeats but the Blinder remains on. Added “Acid Queen” voice call to successful bonus shots during Acid Queen. Originally named “Silver Ball Lit”. ‐ Last reply today, Posted 3 days ago Scores additional 20M. Originally named “Million Pops”. You can only collect one of these two jackpots, so if you are going for the big points, avoid the temptation of shooting the much easier left ramp, and go for the right ramp.

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