With behavioral interventions, in contrast, patient behavior is the key and the goal is to change it. Behavioral inte rventions can be implemented at thr ee levels. “Behavioral Health Interventions: What Works and Why?” Understanding Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health in Late Life: A Research Agenda, edited by Randy Bulatao and Norman Anderson. In the trial, doctors provide different services to different people, and then evaluate the outcomes. Cutler, David. 2002. The typical medical intervention is a clinical trial of a particular drug, surgery, or device. Cutler, David. National Academy of Sciences. By behavioral interventions, I mean interventions designed to affect the actions that individuals take with regard to their health. D.C. National Academies Press. “Behavioral Health Interventions: What Works and Why?” Ethnic Disparities in Aging Health. Variation in patient behavior is generally shunned; a strong emphasis is placed on making sure that … Behavioral interventions are interventions designed to affect the actions that individuals take with regard to their health. 2004.

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