You can easily get your hands on them, either via your local supermarket or via online orders. With dark timber walls to accentuate the varied colors of the sushi, and a persimmon-dyed draped noren, at every turn the interior design beautifully complements the style of the old Japanese home.

You will not be getting the right texture and the smell can be rather unpleasant depending on what you use.

Of course, there are also Jasmine varieties that are less aromatic, which makes them less of an issue when used for sushi.

New York, NY. Shrimp. Crab, cucumber and avocado topped with massago (fish egg). Menu for ISE Of Japan provided by

Some can taste sour or like dirt, but those varieties are too rare for you to really bother with. What types of rice can you use for sushi? Spicy tuna and tempura crunchies topped with spicy scallions shrimp.

Lightly fried asparagus in tempura batter. Spicy tuna, avocado, pineapple and papaya caviar. Fresh SOBA at Ise Restaurant We serve you Fresh SOBA when we have your order.

You basically need qualities that are just not found in brown rice such as high starch content.

Spicy crab topped with shrimp on the outside. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce.

Stir-fried chicken, stir fried udon (thick) noodle and mixed vegetables. Then there is the matter of the shape, with some almost being square and others being quite round. No matter how sharp your knife might be, if your sushi roll is composed of loose rice, it is going to get misshapen. One 8 oz. The price includes our booking fee of Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. Salmon, snapper, white tuna and spicy powder. Rice generally comes in several lengths, widths, and dimensions.

Ebi ramen. Cooked. Shrimp, asparagus and cucumber topped with spicy crunchy crab. Stir fried egg noodle. If not, you end up with sushi with nori that looks like they were torn rather than sliced and pieces that are not perfectly circular. Mixed vegetables, sauteed with cream sauce.

There is also the smell, which comes from the nori, the filling, and if it is included in the mixture, the wasabi. We set ourselves above the typical Sushi Restaurant by creating flavorful dishes sourced throughout Asia.

You will also be able to slice those rolls so that you can eat them as you need to. Cooked. Having fallen in love with luscious sea urchin from Karatsu, Saga, he is not willing to compromise on flavor and maintains dealings with the market in Fukuoka solely for that product. Grilled tender chicken breast and broccoli in sweet teriyaki sauce. Raw. Lightly tempura battered spicy salmon, cream cheese and avocado.

Tuna and avocado, topped with tobikos. Yellowtail, cucumber, spicy mayo topped with spicy sauce. Raw. Raw. Appetizer / Sashimi / Grilled / Fried / Chawan-mushi As long as you pick any of the varieties that are listed here, you should be good to go. Sake ramen. Raw. Sweet and sour cucumber salad.

Soup with udon (thick) noodle, broccoli, mushroom, onion, carrot and seaweed.

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Raw. This will then determine how easily you can mold these grains for your sushi and how well they can maintain their shapes when you do.

This is then the reason why there are those who might want to use it for their sushi and it has to be said that the concept is actually quite novel. Naturally, you don’t want to go overboard on this and end up with actual sticky rice, which can be a bit too sticky for your needs.

Itawasa : Kamaboko(mixture of whitefish formed and steamed until firm), Goma-ae : Vegetables with sesame dressing, Kaki no kunsei oil zuke : Homemade smoked-oyster marinated in oil, Jimae Tofu : Homemade tofu (Cold or Hot depends on season), Agedashi tofu : Deep-fried tofu served with special dashi, Yakitori : Grilled wild chicken skewers w/ sauce, Gyu-tan Amiyaki : Grilled sliced beef tongue with mustard on side, Kamo teppan yaki : Grilled wild duck on the flat iron pan, Gindara misozuke yaki : Broiled miso marinated black cod fish w/miso, Tori Nanban : Tartar sauce over spicy fried chicken, Tempura : Lightly battered deep-fried shrimp, served, Hon Maguro Yamakake : Chopped bluefin tuna topped with grated yam, Kani Cream Croquette : Breaded deep fried creamy croquette with snow crab, Kama Shio-yaki : Broiled lightly salted fish neck, Seaweed Salad: Mixed seaweed on green vegetables w/dressing, Soba Salad: Soba (buckwheat noodles), hijiki and vegetables w/dressing, Zaru soba: Soba with soba soup on the side, Tororo zaru: Soba with grated yam and soba sauce, Tsukimi natto zaru: Soba with egg, fermented soybeans and scallions, Nameko oroshi zaru: Soba with Nameko ­mushroom and grated daikon radish, Ten zaru: Soba with tempura, soba soup on the side, Sansai Kinoko: Soba with vegetable and mushroom, Nabeyaki Udon: Udon with Shrimp tempura, vegetable in Hot Pot, Chirashi (Uni and salmon roe rice bowl and sashimi), Hon Maguro-don (Assorted bluefin tuna over sushi rice). An elegant sushi restaurant in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, which is best known as the home of the culturally important Ise Jingu Shrine.

Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. One of my favorite lunch spots. If you try to reheat sushi rice, you are not only going to turn it into mush, you are also risking the acceleration of the spoilage.

With broccoli and mushroom. Grilled tofu and broccoli in sweet teriyaki sauce. Through online ordering, we connect hungry people with the best local restaurants. In his late 20s he returned to Mie with a simple desire to surf, supporting his hobby by working in the Japanese restaurant of a local hotel for three years.

Of course, you can always ignore those stipulations and go with whichever rice you have on hand, but the experience is not going to be the same.
Tempura shrimp and cucumber topped with crabstick, tobiko and sweet, spicy sauce.

Avocado, cucumber, pickle and spicy sauce. Dinner: Tues - Sun 5:00pm - 9pm Not huge fish pieces, but … Stir fried egg noodle. However, it might involve methods that result in less than ideal rice. Ramen noodle with grilled sea scallops and mixed vegetables. Raw. Stir-fried steak, stir fried udon (thick) noodle and mixed vegetables.

Sushi requires rice in order to be called sushi but what types of rice can you use for making sushi is something that a lot of folks don’t really know much about. As to why this is even an issue, you have to remember that a big part of sushi is forming them into certain shapes.

1 California, 1 Q-roll and 1 tuna roll. Raw. Melanie Y.

Spicy chopped tuna, soy bean and veggies. Cooked.

Crab. Tender chicken breast and zucchini with cream sauce.

Maguro from Oma Port, Aomori is presented as both five-day-aged akami and deliciously fatty otoro. See all photos from Zach O. for Ise Sushi Japanese Restaurant. So the answer here is no, you must not reheat the rice. Komada sticks to a product when he knows he’s found a winner. Raw. Grilled tender chicken breast and mushroom in hibachi soy sauce. Raw.

Lightly battered crab, avocado and cream cheese. Now, you might have already figured out that this is not exactly the usual kind of rice used for the dish because it’s, well, red.

The presentation including salt, wasabi and sake, speaks of this place, giving the full experience of what can be enjoyed only here, pleasing local customers and determined visitors alike. California roll topped with salmon, tuna, whit fish (escolar) and avocado.

Funny 1. A blend of old Mie Prefecture Koshihikari rice is used for the shari rice oval bases. Yasai udon. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce.

If you want to know about the mysterious tofu, cone to ISE sushi! However, before you introduce it to your children, make sure you read this article to... Sushi Vs. Nigiri: Get To Know The Difference. Chopped salmon, cucumber, carrots and spicy mayo served with ponzu sauce.

If you make sure that your rice varieties for use in sushi are neutral in both flavor and smell, it is going to be a lot easier to make the most out of the sushi that you are going to make.

Carrying on Edomae traditions, winter features nigiri of delicious steamed fleshy hamaguri clams, replaced by their equally tasty but smaller counterpart called asari in other seasons. They have Monkfish Liver and Fresh oyster. Ramen noodle with grilled salmon filet and mixed vegetables. Grilled tenderloin and mushroom in hibachi soy sauce.

Crab, shrimp, egg cake and avocado.

Salmon and mango topped with spicy crunchy lobster and spicy sauce. Of course, the starch will play a major role in terms of the taste of the rice.

Unfortunately, if you are going for the same kind of experience as what you would get with white rice, this is just not going to happen.

These considerations are important because of how each grain of the rice will be sitting on top of each other and how they will be slipping into each other’s spaces. Cooked.

Closed on Monday, Edamame : Boiled lightly salted soy beans.

For the touch of green that adds a kick to each morsel, Komada uses fresh wasabi grown in the crystal-clear waters of Miyagawa, Mie, lovingly tended at the hands of Mr. Nishi, a solo 70-year-old farmer.

With all of that said with regard to the kind of rice varieties that you simply must make use of, there can be that question of whether or not you can use brown rice for sushi.

It needs to be said that sushi rice is traditionally white, preferably the clear and pure kind since those provide you with the best benefits you are looking for. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. We prioritize getting you the highest quality food, like our salad 綾s 綾. You will be able to get an excellent taste and texture of the rice as you chew the sushi, which will lend itself quite well to the kind of experience you are going for.

That was the beginning of “Soba Mae”meaning Prelude to soba. Raw.

California roll baked with spicy sauce- 15 mins. Raw.

Still only 30 years old, he opened his own seven-seat counter sushi restaurant in Ise. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. Brilliant red carpet whisks you away to a different era – an escape from the every day. Served with fried rice and ise dipping sweet tempura sauce.

Soup with soba buckwheat noodle, chicken and mixed vegetables.

Order online and track your order live.

Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. Raw. The rice needs to be compact and stable enough to offer the right amount of resistance to the slicing motion. Tempura battered snapper and cucumber. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce.

Smoked salmon, crab, eel, cucumber and cream cheese. A listing on does not necessarily reflect our affiliation with or endorsement of the listed restaurant, or the listed restaurant's endorsement of
Chef Kenri Komada was born in Matsuzaka, Mie Prefecture in 1971.

Iga-yaki ceramics made in Iga City, Mie, feature prominently in his collection, and Komada especially loves the works of Yo Tanimoto, Yoshito Sasayama and Masatake Fukumori. Red snapper, avocado, topped with spicy sauce, tuna and salmon.

Now, this stickiness is derived primarily from the starch content in the rice.

Cooked. ISE, I think the most coolest thing was the tofu and the edible flower. It’s just too bad that it can’t really be used for more formal events.

If you have not spent that much time eating sushi rice, you might not know that there are varieties with different colors. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. Stir fried egg noodle. Cooked.

Spicy crabmeat, cucumber and avocado. Cooked.

Just one visit and any doubts will be swept away. © Cooked.

Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce.

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